Friday, May 11, 2012

First colour

Block's cut for the first colour. The cut away areas will remain white when I print. I've chosen a fairly neutral colour scheme and the first colour will be the lightest. 

My printing press is set up to print colour in registration (it may or may not work, we'll see!) 

This is with the block in position. As my press is a cylinder press optimised for letterpress printing, I have to raise the lino about an inch off the bed so the roller can reach it. So I've improvised with printers furniture (wooden strips used as spacers in letterpress printing)

 With the block out of the way you can see my 'registration jig'. It's a piece of card cut to the exact size of the block so that I can place the block in exactly the same place each time. The paper is positioned using a masking tape guide and the press's paper grippers.

The first print run. I've printed a few more than I want to cover any registration mishaps when printing other colours.

I'm using water soluble lino printing ink, which I don't like much. It dries much too fast and is much wetter than oil based inks that I'm used to. I may have to get some oil based inks for the future, but I'll persevere for now with what I have.
It's dried somewhat pinky, but no matter. The next colour will be greyer and this is just a trial so I'm not too bothered.


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