Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Onto the board... the sketch is transferred to the board using half an acre of carbon paper.....

And the seagull comes last above the sea spray.

Now for the painting! I need to keep the design simple, so black outlines and colour inside, but I plan to add some nice pattern/texture too. This is how the board was last night:

My mission today is to finish the linework and start on the colour. I shall use acrylics, in a medium-thin consistency and mixed with gloss medium, which imparts partial transparency so you can see the wood and also seems to add a little more depth of colour, waterproofing and protection to the paint. (This further to my very scientific trials, which consisted of chucking the trial offcut out into the garden during a heavy rainstorm and leaving it there overnight, wet through. Just wanted to see if the paint would start lifting off. It didn't, but the colours I'd applied using the gloss medium seemed to have bound closer to the wood than the thicker-applied paint. Probably a lot of nonsense, but there you go.) As I said from the start, I will not be varnishing this board. It will get a nourishing coat of linseed oil applied once a year. The oil won't protect the paintwork at all, just the wood. Still, I want the board to get weathered, dinged and distressed, otherwise it just wouldn't look right. 

The saddest thing in the world is an unused bellyboard!


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Love the humour in this artwork - your board will certainly be a talking point Sue. x