Monday, July 18, 2011

How's that crab you?

You'll remember from my last posting that having obtained a scrummy bellyboard (unvarnished and ready for paint) from Traditional Surfing, I did some experimenting with paints and various markmaking options, on offcuts. (I even tried rolling printing ink onto a small indian fabric block and pressing it onto the board. I'm sure you'd get away with printing lino blocks if you use waterproof inks! That's another experiment for another day.)

Here is the original scribble design that I have chosen for this board. It shows the stampede to the waves, bellyboards clutched in anticipation of that smooth, fast glide. There are old and young, various shapes and sizes.
The Traditional Surfing logo is incorporated into the waves that the surfer at the top is launching into. A crab chases the pack looking for toes to tweak and those who know my wood engravings may recognise the sea gull cruising at the top.

Next stage was to do a full-size drawing, improving details and generally developing the composition to that it works well on the board. I intend that only the figures will be painted, and the white water. This is because I want the natural wood to feature on the top (deck) of the board and act as a sort of frame to the figures.

To get the life-size board shape the best way was to draw around it. Then I drew a grid over the outline to aid the transfer of the sketch proportions from small scale to large. As you can see from the sketch photo above, I have drawn a corresponding grid over it too. 

First in was the crab. I have so far drawn in two of the figures now, but not photographed them yet so that will be shown on the next post.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

This board is going to be so fun - love the crab already! x

Jan said...

I love it! So great to do something just for the fun of it, and I can see a few commissions coming your way on this.....