Thursday, July 21, 2011

At last....time to start putting some colour onto the board! I'll start with the flesh (there's a lot of it!) and also I'll have to make sure I don't dip my brush into my coffee mug instead of the water!

That's the first two figures; I may adjust the paleness a little but will decide later, because the whole tonal range will change when I linseed the board.

Husband came home from work at that point and offered to take a photo of 'The Artist At Work'.

I have to take my glasses off increasingly for close work; obviously I need to think about a trip to Specsavers!

Here it is, ready for a colour OTHER than pink to be applied!

Another update tomorrow.....

1 comment:

Are you curious about me? said...

I've just got my new glasses, I suggest you start saving... Outragous price...

The board is looking great, I shall enjoy watching it develope.