Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feeling peckish

As a change from the relative slash and burn of lino cutting I've gone to pecking at wood again. I've just started a small bookplate engraving on maple wood. I've not done much in the way of lettering in engraving, so this is a bit of a test. I've picked a typeface that's fairly forgiving insofar as it's casual in design and will take a little thickening of line if necessary. The block is 5.2cm x 7.6cm (about 2" x 3")
The rough sketch

 The block in progress

I have cut the 'Ex Libris' lettering at the bottom, but nothing else yet. I'm just refining my name at the top slightly, then I'll cut that. The seagull needs a little tweaking; I'll do that after cutting all the letters.


fhiona galloway said...

this will look excellent when it's finished I'm sure!

Ellen Shipley said...

Love it. Feeling peckish often? ;-]

Magpie Magic said...

LOL Love this! Can't wait to see it finished. xo

LewJaffe said...

Very nice-Please send a scan when completed and I will mention your new bookplate on my blog.
Lew Jaffe

Sue said...

Thanks, folks.
Ellen: I often feel peckish, but I think long gone are the days when I could nibble without piling on the pounds! LOL!
Lew, I'll do that, thanks! :-)