Monday, February 07, 2011

Lizard Lifeboat house

At the weekend, I spent time setting up the printing press and positioning the engraved block, ready for a print run. Fortunately, today I had to wait for some sketches to be approved from my illustration job, so I decided to use the time and get on and do some printing.

Although I had feared this block would be difficult to print, given it's size and the unforgiving areas of black, I'm pleased to say it went well. I always lay a few sheets of thin paper and/or card between the paper on the block and the press roller, so that by adding the odd sheet, or taking it away I can adjust the pressure and therefore fine tune the darkness of the print. For this print, I added 3 small torn scraps of paper in addition to the rest of the overlay. These small scraps were positioned over the uncut area of the sea. This area would need the extra pressure to print a satisfying black without putting too much pressure on the finely cut areas. I also rolled more ink onto that area of the block as uncut wood is greedy and needs a good layer of ink. That said, I'm not averse to a little paper texture showing, if it suits the print, but too little ink makes a grey print and that's no good at all.

(Apologies for the watermarked name on the image above.)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Marking up the proof

I have a brief gap in my work schedule and am concentrating on finishing the lifeboat house block. I have marked up some areas on a spare proof print in red that I want to attend to. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long and I can get to printing.