Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now you see it, soon you won't!

I'm not too far from first proof time. Another good session should see it.

Something that has to go is the seagull on the lifeboat house. I'm not happy with it and I've decided I want that side of the 'house' black against white swirling sea. The enlarged pic shows what I mean, I've 'painted ' the area on the computer roughly to illustrate this. (The shape of the swirly bit is subject to more tinkering)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Lair of Mrs Magoo

 Here is my engraving space today. You can see the block I'm working on. It's lying on a leather sandbag for ease of moving the block under the tool. That's raised up on top of a computer software manual, which is just the right thickness! The small block next to it is a scrap piece used to try out textures before I commit them to the block. The small grey corner of card is used to protect the block from being bruised by the back of the tool. My tool sharpening block is on the tabletop, along with a nice stiff (ex-stencilling) brush for sweeping away the wood chips and my magnifying goggles which make me look like Mrs Magoo, but save my eyes from undue strain. For light I use a vintage Anglepoise lamp, which I would like sometime to exchange for something that runs a little cooler! And there's a nice cup of tea to keep me going, served in a jolly mug I received from an illustrator friend  in a 'Secret Santa' exchange.

Today I have been concentrating on the plants at the bottom. I've rubbed a little talc in the lines to show them to you clearer. I wish I hadn't used that white paint to sketch on the block though, it has proved impossible to wipe away and makes gauging line size harder. Luckily it'll go when I pull the first test proof.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chips with (and over) everything!

All over my desk, teeny wood chips where I've been picking away at the block. I'm working on some fiddly areas that need  lots of stipples and texturing. Down at the bottom of the image I'm engraving the plants that cling to cliffs, samphire and candytuft. More tomorrow, unless an illustration job I'm expecting, comes in. Secretly, I hope not!

You may be thinking this is taking a long're right, but it's quite a big block (7" x 5.5") and given the cost of wood at this size, I REALLY don't want to mess it up! Tomorrow I'll show it on the sandbag, alongside my tools, to give a better idea of scale.