Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Call of the Sea(gull)

I've been busy with the block as you can see. I've added some more gouache sketching in white to guide me, as pencil and carbon paper marks rub away quite easily. My efforts have been concentrated on the figure and boathouse apron area. Below is a detail.
You can see my friend the seagull is calling.  The dog tries to will him down from the roof. Is the human figure an old sea dog? He looks a bit stern, as if the little boats aren't tidy and ship-shape enough for him.

You can tell I'm enjoying this, can't you?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A starting

Alas (or thankfully for my bank balance!), the day job has lurched into life again and is taking my engraving time away. (For now.)But I've started engraving the new block. You can see I've painted some areas in white gouache on the block. This helps me to balance the lights and darks in my head as I go. Strictly speaking, I should paint all of the concrete pan that the man stands on, but I think I've done enough to settle things texturally in my brain. More soon!