Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An update

Just to let you know that the move to the South West went as well as could be expected and we are ensconced and blissful in our new home. What with that and then Christmas and the (very welcome) visitors we have just waved bye-bye to, things have been almost too hectic to get out my engraving things.

My studio is in the spare bedroom again and is stuffed with boxes and art stuff that will ultimately go into the studio I hope to put in the back garden.

In the meantime I have been able to do a little bit on my latest block, not much but I'm dying to get back to it. A backlog of illustration work is being shifted and more looms, but once 'back in routine' I'll be able to get on with it again on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, if you would like to go on a little walk with me, click on the link below and I'll show you in photos how beautiful it is in this quiet corner of Cornwall.

Bolenowe walk

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Jan said...

Thanks for the walk, the scenery is lovely, best of luck in your new home, I look forward to seeing the progress of your block when you get back to it.