Thursday, October 01, 2009

Interesting times.........

It's been a hectic, stressful time, since I last posted. We had our house on the market and now have accepted an offer! So there are huge wodges of paperwork to fill in and a surveyor checking out the house structure, little jobs to finish for the electrician and plumber. And the hunt is on for a new home in Cornwall. The shortlist is still much too long and our miniscule budget means that compromises have to be made. So sadly, the cottage of my dreams, the sort of thing I draw, that clings to the cliff and overlooks the sea in all it's moods, is just not going to happen. I always knew this, short of a lottery win, anyway!

We will not be more than a few miles inland, however...nowhere in Cornwall is very far from the sea. We may even end up tucked away in a small town, but it doesn't matter. We'll be in the place we have wanted to be for so long, we can surf and watch loads of enthusiastic rugby games, go to the fish market and the Tate St Ives favourite printmaking supplier, TN Lawrences, will be on my doorstep! Result!

Now all we have to do is pray the sale doesn't fall through......

Good news in the meantime, a couple of my 'Dinner is Served' prints have sold out of the browsers, at the Society of Wood Engravers Annual exhibition. Very gratifying.

Engraving-wise, I've been finishing off my illustration work and have only done a little more to my block. But I'm taking my kit with me (including the headset magnifier, modeled above!) as we head down to Cornwall to house hunt. (Oh, and surf!) I should have something to show you when I return.