Thursday, September 10, 2009

I have trouble thinking of titles!

I have awful trouble thinking up zippy titles to my blogs, which usually means I end up naming them something pretty lame like 'Progress!' and 'More progress!' Sigh........

I have stolen some more engraving time from my 'ordinary' work schedule and the block is taking shape. I rather enjoyed doing the texture on the stonework of the foreground cottage. At the base of it I have decided to add some dark foliage, as if there's a sunken courtyard garden down there.

I must away now and sharpen my burins, it's amazing how quickly they lose their edge.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Here is the block as it stands. I'm amending and altering as I go, trying out textures and tones and generally just enjoying myself. I want to allow the background to be a bit gloomy, as if a showery squall was heading in to add to the figure's discomfort.

The Society of Wood Engravers' 72nd Annual Exhibition is now displayed online at their web page; click on the 'online gallery' button. My submission, 'Dinner is Served' is on page 10 and I'm pleased to see that they have used it also in larger form to embellish the page.