Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A new block

I've started engraving the latest block after chopping , changing and tweaking the rough sketches. What you see on the block as it stands is only the basic outline. The rough is full of tones and textures, which I love experimenting with. The porthole-shaped window on the side of the house is way too big and will be adjusted down, when I get to it.

I've also pencilled in a chilly seagull, if your eyes are sharp enough to spot it. I'm not sure she'll make an appearance in the final cut, but she's lurking, just in case.

For the interested, the block is an old pearwood block that I had resurfaced by blockmaker Chris Daunt. And it's 90mm x 128mm.

More tomorrow, all being well.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A small triumph and new thoughts

For those of you who didn't hear the yodeling from the rooftops...my latest print (Dinner is Served, above) made it into the Society of Wood Engravers 72nd Annual exhibition. To say I am pleased may seem a small understatement given the happy dance I performed on opening the letter, but more importantly it means I'm finding my direction at last. 'Dinner' was the first time I had engraved and felt in control of the way it was going to look at the finish. The composition and subject matter were all me; the sort of thing I've done for a number of years in other media and feel at ease with. The distortion of perspective was new for me, a brave move but it felt right and gives a twist to the look of the piece.

Above is a scribble of an idea for another piece, exploring further the movement created by distortion and perspective. Also it's a small dig about the encroachment of big-league supermarkets into our smaller communities. There is still a goodly amount of re-sketching to do, there are parts that feel wrong, parts that grate and parts that need emphasis. It's a start though.