Thursday, June 25, 2009

Surf's up!

I cut some more to the block again last night. You can see the seagull's mates hoving into view and the harbour water.

It's a lovely sunny day today...if it's like this tomorrow I will take my burins and block outside and engrave on the terrace! :-)


Magpie Magic said...

This is just so lovely and getting more interesting each time. I love watching the progress you make.

Eric said...

This is becoming one amazing little engraving! I can't wait to see how it prints!

Caroline B said...

It's raining...but I hope you'll still do some more to this, it is looking terrific!

PG said...

This IS going to be your best yet, is there any way of showing us how small it is?
(BTW, storms are due in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, don't know if you are in for similar!)

Sue said...

Hi all, thanks for the comments.

I'm about to take the block and associated paraphernalia out into the garden as it looks sunny for now. I don't think we're due any storms today here in the east.

PG, the block is 3.5" x 5" but I'll take a photo of it in situ on the sandbag and post it today, to give a better idea visually.