Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here is another stage of the cut. I managed to do a little last evening, but the light wasn't too good as I was out of the studio, so I took things slowly. You can see I rub talc into the engraved lines so I can see a little better where I've been and how I'm doing. It's a useful trick, but you have to be scrupulous about brushing it all out before you approach the block with a rollerful of ink!

I've decided to add a little foliage to the patio area; a few pencil marks on the block serve to remind me. I hope to cut some more this evening, maybe I'll remember to take my lamp this time. I think my eyes would thank me for it.

I wish I could ditch the day job and engrave more, but, sadly, a living has to come first. I do actually enjoy many aspects of the day job (educational illustration), it's often fun, sometimes a challenge and importantly, a steady income. I can work in my jim-jams if I like (but I never do!) as my studio is a spare room at home. No rush-hour traffic for me. This is the life I always wanted, so bring on the lottery win....then the day job can be gently released into the wild and I can enjoy my printmaking more often.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A new cut

It's been so long since I last posted....various reasons such as the dratted 'day job' , but I have managed to snatch the odd Friday for my engraving work. I have temporarily shelved the engraving idea posted in my last but one post, showing the young bather. Something kept poking at me regarding the composition so I haven't started cutting yet and the block will remain on the shelf while I think about it further.

However, hubby and I happened to take a trip down to our favourite part of this lovely island, to Cornwall, in late April and I came home with photos that have formed the twinkling of another idea. A day trip on the bus to St Ives, where we were stalked by predatory seagulls as we ate our lunchtime pasties, the great way the houses seem to stack on top of one another, as they march down the hill to the harbour. The tiny little back yards glimpsed from vantage points higher up, which I'm sure the seagulls would also take advantage of, watching for hapless patio diners.

Well, here's my idea...and my first cuts. Wish me luck! I decided to get the cutting of the seagull's eye out of the way first, in case it went horribly wrong. Happily I exceeded my own expectations and made a decent job of it! I am so enjoying this one.