Friday, March 27, 2009


I feel as if a corner has been turned. Another sale of the "Charlie" print (that is on tour with the Society of Wood engravers exhibition at present) necessitated another print session and last weekend was the best yet. I had had so much trouble and too many duff prints and varied results, using the lovely thick Zerkall paper; I came to the conclusion that my press, being originally designed for use with newsprint which is very thin and smooth, I should have another go with the Japanese Sunome Senaka paper. This is also a lovely paper, thin and strong and I was amazed and pleased at how quickly I started to be able to print out consistently good impressions on it. A goodly little batch of Charlie prints and an edition of 10 of my rugby print took no time at all.

You might notice the rugby image has been slightly modified from the one in my last post; I have lifted the tones on the tackler's face slightly and adjusted other areas. It is improved for it I think. On with the next block!


Magpie Magic said...

I like the improvements you made. The expressions are even clearer than before.

Great you found the right paper, too. :-) Must make it so much easier to know you can have consistent prints.

Have a lovely weekend.

d. moll, said...

Ah, sounds like you made the correct press diagnosis. Rugby players look great!

natural attrill said...

Rugby players are looking good Sue.
Good to hear that you've sold another Charlie!