Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas card 2008

Here it is then.....shades of Barbara Hepworth's garden with a sprinkling of Cornish tin mine and coastal village goodness. Mart and I are walking the dog and son and his fiancée are admiring the tree. The pub is the Pentreath Arms, named after Dolly Pentreath, she died 1777 and was reputedly the last Cornish-only speaker. The seagull is obviously a Cornish Pirates rugby club fan and wears a club scarf to keep his neck warm.

I'm getting the card printed by a proper printer this time, as my poor old Canon is coughing it's last. I hope my friends and relatives like it!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Corel Painter magazine

Copyright for the above of course lies with Imagine Publishing Ltd.

Terrrah! This month's Corel Painter Magazine contains a tutorial by yours truly, about making an advent calendar. I did the images and write-up on the first two pages and the designer did the other two about assembling the calendar.

I found the images easy to create, but oh...the text caused some headaches! I'm just not used to writing in that sort of vernacular. Luckily, Hubby came to the rescue and helped me iron it out a bit so there it is.

On the engraving front, instead of editioning my block yesterday, I had to get on and do some work on my personal Christmas card, otherwise it won't be printed in time. Here it is so far..........

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Last proof and xmas card

I finally managed to get time to run off another proof of the rugby block. Cutting away the background further and lightening other areas has improved it enormously, I feel. Looking at it I feel it just needs the end of the ball lightening slightly as it's getting lost in the player's armpit. That'll be done Friday and hopefully I can start a print run.

The other important thing to get on the go is my personal Christmas card. I shall have to get it printed at a print shop as my own printer is on it's last legs, so time is of the essence now. Here's the line work, done bar a few details and extra bits I slip in. That's hubby and I walking the dog and son and his girlfriend admiring the tree. I shall probably insert a few more hapless souls before or during painting it.As usual it's on a Cornish theme. And as usual, I've used my Mac and Corel Painter to create it.

Incidentally, speaking of Painter, the Corel Painter official magazine Christmas issue contains a tutorial on how to create an advent calendar, all painted images and write up by yours truly! Get your copy from Nov 6th! ;-)