Monday, August 25, 2008

Rugby players

I've had it in mind for some time to do some engravings of rugby players. There's something very formal and dance-like in some of the set piece aspects of the game such as scrum and line-out. The players form patterns, lines and circles. Straining limbs intertwine in the struggle for the ball and knots of bodies end up on the (usually muddy) grass. Then suddenly there will be an explosion of movement as one player streaks towards the try line with the ball under his arm with a wake of opposing players thundering after him. I love it!

I wondered what it would be like to engrave from a tonal sketch, rather than a more linear one (as I normally do), as suggested by Simon Brett in his book 'Wood Engraving, how to do it'. So I've done a little sketch with the watercolour brushes in Corel Painter, on my computer............ I have a 3" x 2" maple block, all I need to do now is transfer the design.


d. moll, said...

Sounds like a good challenge. How do you do tonal engraving? I t will be fun to this as it progresses.

Sue said...

Hi, It's a matter of creating tones with the textures you carve, rather than leaving more large areas of pure black and white. The textures you carve should create 'greys' visually, giving the more tonal effect.
We'll see how it turns out! ;-)

PG said...

Oh, like the way dots per inch work?

That is a very - expressive - way of describing rubgy! Straining limbs intertwining indeed. :) It's a great compostion. And maybe one for the Etsy shop? Lots of rubgy fans out there...and perfect for Christmas present for dads. (I'm thinking Andy's dad, he used to play)

Annie B said...

Nice sketch, and especially impressive that it's digital. I look forward to watching it become an engraving.