Thursday, August 07, 2008

Almost proofing time.

I'm just cutting the background now. Briefly toyed with the idea of adding a small flying insect like a ladybird or something, flying from the hand, but decided against it this time.

I may leave some texture to the background, depending how it turns out when I proof it tomorrow. I'm going to have to proof with the wooden spoon this time, as the block's over type high and I don't have an electric saw yet. It's on the 'to get' list, along with a new matt cutter for framing.

On another note, I caught sight of one of these home-buying programmes on BBC; the punters were looking round a lovely old cottage in Buckinghamshire. In the garden was a large wooden studio and in the studio was.......a large Albion-type press! They didn't linger there to show us properly though, sadly but went off to look at the cottage wallpaper again....philistines. Whose was the press? Was it yours, dear reader? :-)


natural attrill said...

This is looking great Sue.

Magpie Magic said...

It is looking great. :-) Quite agree with Penny here. :-)It almost has the feel of Duerer's hands about it. Hands are just so interesting.

Annie B said...

What a fine carving! Impressive.

Caroline B said...

Lovely work Sue, looks almost 3D & I love the lines on the palm.

d. moll, said...

It looks great! I just got a matt cutter on sale even. Framing is ridiculously expensive. Happy proofing.