Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catch-up time

I'm back! The new renovated studio is looking much more respectable and clean. It's a nice space to work; I spend many hours every day in here either illustrating on the Mac, or wood engraving. Space-wise I'm still pretty squished, as you can see my little farley press (sheeted over still for protection) is crammed behind my chair, but I can function.

It's been apparent to me for a while that if I want to do more in the way of printmaking, I'm going to have to create the time by dropping something else. My cunning plan is to extract a day out of my commercial illustration working week, spending that whole day engraving/printing etc. A whole day engraving! Bliss! In the short term of course, this will create a small problem, as I have a month's worth of illustration work in hand and can't afford to take any days out of it, so my compromise is to use Saturdays instead till this big job is over....and the housework will have to do itself. It's a hard life!

So today is Saturday, I've been beavering away at my latest block and because I've had a whole day of unbroken time on it have actually made a lot of progress. I hope to finish cutting by next weekend and get printing soon after. This is it so far...bear in mind that this is a scan off the block and the actual print will be transposed.


natural attrill said...

What a good idea, to actually put a set time aside to do somthing you enjoy, well done!
I LOVE the print, I find it funny, it kind of looks old, because of the medium, it being in b&w, and also the fire and coal, then there's a big pair of spotty (contemporary looking) socks at the front. I really like the contrast, it's like a suprise!

Caroline B said...

Sometimes making yourself make time is the only way! This is looking great, got such a warm cozy atmosphere to it & those socks look touchable.

Ellen Shipley said...

I simply love this image!

Magic Cochin said...

I've found that taking part in Cambridge Open Studios gives me a deadline and a real live reason to get down to some printmaking. Sometimes it means ignoring some emails from eds for a day, but in the long run I doubt they noticed I wasn't around!

Well done for sorting out a better studio space and making time to do some beautiful prints.