Saturday, April 05, 2008

A quick update...I'm being brave and have got out one of my few very old (28 years old!) unused pear wood blocks to use. I've decided to re-cut the 'home' design at a larger size so I can play with texture and detail a bit more, so instead of the print being 2"x3" it will now be 5" x 4". The pear is cutting nicely. You can see it here, alongside the sketch.

I took the opportunity to re-jig the design a little, too. I made the foreground larger in frame and added a nice patterned rug on the floor for more texture.


natural attrill said...

like the spotty socks!!

Andy English said...

I love the revised design even more and it looks a great piece of pear, which can be almost as good as box. I hope you will be up for an informal exchange.

Sue said...

Toby: Yes, I have a weakness for spotty and stripey socks!

Andy:The block's coming on nicely; I'm pleased I took the plunge. I'm much happier with the new design.

I'd be very pleased to do an informal exchange when it's done. Thank you for asking.