Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back in the groove again

And here's the reason why:

My new durathene brayer, which I should have got in the first place but being broke I got a rubber one which wasn't good enough for engravings. (I'll keep it though for when I get around to woodcuts). Now I'm getting more even inking and much less frustration.

Now to play! I've not tried faces in wood engraving yet, so I thought I'd have an experiment: This block is tiny at 1.5"x1 1.2" max.
First proof, looking to see what marks do what to the facial planes.

Then a bit more cutting and to show up the cuts more on block I've rubbed a little talc into the surface. (It'll all be brushed out before printing). Almost there I think. I shall print tomorrow.


natural attrill said...

Good to see you blogging here again Sue, I'll be back shortly to hopefully see more of your creations.

Annie B said...

Welcome back to the groove!
Nice looking brayer.

PG said...

Ooh you're back! Good good. :)