Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wobbly blocks and rollers too

I've at last started to get a little time for my printmaking! The wobbly cottage block has been adjusted and proofs were taken both on the press and by hand. The best results as you can see, were patchy. Looking at my rubber brayer (roller) it seems I have an uneven area that's not picking up ink and although I've tried to work round this by only inking with the good area, it's proving difficult.

So...I need to bite the financial bullet and buy a durathene refill for my old brass brayer holder. My old roller melted into a gooey mess, as they did in those days...these new ones are free of that problem, but expensive, which was why I tried to economise by getting the cheaper rubber rather than the durathene, in the first place. It's going to be a cool £42 for a refill, but if it means I can actually print the cost is insignificant.

In the meantime, I'm busy hacking down the background on the doggie block. It's slow work with the round scorper but I'm getting there and I haven't gouged myself, as I did with the chisel tool!