Friday, September 21, 2007


I decided to deepen the cut-away background on the doggie block...unfortunately the chisel slipped and gouged into my forefinger. Argh! That put paid to doing any more for a few days till it healed sufficiently (and stopped bleeding everywhere!) to hold the block again, but I'm very wary of it now. But better the finger than the chisel had hit a bit of the image! Phew! I wish I had an electric router or something to make short work of it. Anyway, I'll cut a bit away every day and it'll soon be done. In the meantime I need more paper. I'm experimenting with some zerkall scraps and newsprint to get to know how to pack for an optimum print.

The 'walkies' block with the sky is also on hold as I changed my mind in an arty-farty moment and now can't decide how to engrave the bottom bit. I'm in the process of trying different approaches on the computer.

In the meantime I'm experimenting on a few endgrain offcuts which are small and quick to do. I love the fact that these blocks are a bit irregular and they're cheap enough to make mistakes on and not worry about the cost too much. First one is a 60mm x 35mm ( about 2 1/2 "x 1 1/2") clifftop cottage.


PG said...

OUCH!!! I can just imagine how painful that must have been, having done similar things in the past...I am following your progress with interest, still haven't had time to play with my new toys yet...any chance of a blog tutorial on how to use a proof pres :)

Caroline B said...

Hope your finger is better - once chopped the tip off mine with a scalpel while framing - grim!!! Looking forward to seeing your prints.

Annie B said...

Ouch indeed. Your comment, "But better the finger than the chisel had hit a bit of the image!" rang a bell with me. Sadly, I would feel the same way! Take care.

muddy red shoes said...

love this stuff sue, hope the finger will make an interesting print!

natural attrill said...

I like the tiny one, so cute!
Hope your finger mends soon.