Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yesterday I sent off for some printmaking supplies from TN Lawrences...this morning they arrived! What service!

So no excuses now...I have fresh ink, Zerkall paper to try out, two double-sided maple end grain blocks and a box of mixed offcut practice pieces. I'm dying to get cracking. Last night I finished the sky in my latest block and now just need to finish the figure, dog and ground, with a bit more light texture to the tree side. I also have my first block to print on the press; Charlie our Jack Russell.

Added to that, I found one or two old blocks in my archive that I might tinker with and reprint. You can see one below the press, on the shelf. It's a rendition of Trevethy Quoit in Cornwall, an ancient burial chamber. I also have a block showing a Spitfire plane, which I did as a bookplate for a friend who was well into WW2 aircraft. Might reprint that too as the only print I have is damaged.

(Please note, none of the blocks mentioned have ever been part of an edition, if they had , reprinting would be a no-no.)

But first, I have to finish my 'day job' work. And lunchtime's over...back to work!


Diane Cutter said...

I love goodies, Sue... Such good things in little packages. I hope you'll show us what delights you come up with.

Annie B said...

Looks like there's some fun in store for you! Darn those day jobs. Looking forward to seeing how that press works.

Caroline B said...

How exciting - bet you can't wait to get started!

Sue said...

I had a little trial run last night; never known time to fly so fast! :-))

natural attrill said...

Sounds like an exciting delivery! I am looking forward to seeing the results.