Sunday, July 01, 2007

More sky and tree branches!

Here's the latest state of the block. Having fun creating pecks and swirls for texture. More later!


muddy red shoes said...

bonne courage, these are great

Chris.P said...

Really interesting work sue.

Caroline B said...

I like these regular updates - it's fascinating seeing the work progress!

Ellen Shipley said...

What energy in the block!

Sue said...

I'm wondering whether the sky has taken over the print! LOL! Maybe I'll let it and the dog and walker can be muted,huddled against the cold wind, oblivious to the swirly skies above them. I'm enjoying it, anyway.

natural attrill said...

Just catching up with blogs, and wow you've been busy. Looking fantastic Sue!

JorisDR said...

i hope you don't hurt your fingers as much as i did
the last time i made a woodcut.

but it really looks nice make sure you keep it a bit rough.

actually it reminds me a bit of a painting of Van Gogh..
I think its called "road with cipresses"
in English.