Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More chopping

Yes, I'm still hacking away at the block, I feel it's running away from me a bit and doing it's own thing. I had that twang whilst working on it last know the one...the 'Augh! I've lost it!' twang. Still, I shall carry on regardless; experience is that often work turns out ok even if you think at any point you've 'lost' it...and if it doesn't, it's giving me plenty of experience in texture work and the marks my burins can make.

I'm not over keen on one of my spitstickers; the tang seems a little twisted in the wooden handle so that when I have to cut with it over the block I can't get as low to the wood (because the handle starts to touch the block) and the cut ends up a little too deep and wide as a result. I may have to see about getting that looked at.

I had to sharpen a couple of burins too last night. Sadly the sharpening jig I bought is too big for my little sharpening stone, so I did it by hand. Not very experienced in these matters, but it seemed okay-ish.

It seems I may take delivery of a press in a few weeks, after my holiday. Jeremy, my contact, has one but is working away at present; then I'm away for a fortnight, but after that he'll be in touch. Yippee!


PG said...

Yay, you've got a press! How big is it what make is it can we see pictures oh oh oh I am so excited for you....

Caroline B said...

I didn't understand a word - might as well have been talking in tangs - hahaha! It is looking good though - ignore that little voice inside, I always get the panics half way through a piece of artwork and you just have to plough on through it.

Sue said...

I will certainly have news and pics of the press in due course. It'll be a simple flatbed cylinder press like they used to use to proof galleys of type in letterpress printing shops. I don't know yet what make or size it is, but it should fit the bill.

Talking in 'tangs'!! LOL!
I'll keep ploughing at it, even if it turns into a turkey it's good practice.

Penguin & Fish said...

this is absolutely gorgeous, and it's facinating to read about and see your process. I'll check back to see how it's going, I can't wait to see a print!