Thursday, June 28, 2007

I wish it was summer.... my engraving, that is. I'm still doing the bits between the bare tree branches. To balance things out I've started to work on the figure too. Being still a newcomer to this I'm not sure how the textures on the block will turn out on the print and I envisage having to do some state proofing as I go along. It's quite exciting feeling my way like this.

Talking of proofing, I'm still burnishing with a spoon, still patchy results and there are questions as to whether it's the elderly ink or the paper. I have more trials to do. I've started looking for a press, money's tight but I've decided to ebay a few unwanted items to help pay for it.

I'm doing a little engraving most evenings now, it's slowly getting there. I look forward to being able to spend a whole day engraving, I don't know when but it'll happen. Maybe not till our holiday in Cornwall in August, given my work schedules. I can wait that long.


PG said...

Might be the ink..glad you're still sticking with it, and getting a press (one day!)

Diane Cutter said...

I've got my chair pushed up here waiting for more cuts. I love seeing works in progress.

Annie B said...

I'm sitting here too, next to Diane. I like how the sky looks so far.

Caroline B said...

Nice to see this progressing well - good luck with getting a press.