Sunday, May 27, 2007

Normal service will be resumed....

Sorry....Charlie's block printing has had to be put on hold as we had one elderly relative whisked off to hospital, closely followed by the other. Lots of whizzing between them and where we live, ensued and most evenings and weekends are taken up with visiting and the travelling between. Things are a little quieter now; we await test results for one and the other is being waited on hand and foot in a Care Home, temporarily. I HOPE to do some printing tomorrow. Watch this space!
Yesterday I did manage to draw my next design onto a block....not sure how to make the approach; I'd like it to be fairly free in quality, but maybe I'll just start cutting and see what happens.

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natural attrill said...

Sue, I look forward to seeing more when you have time. It must be really difficult for you at the moment with all thats happening, and being self employed as well.
Thinking of you.