Friday, April 20, 2007

First Proof

I set to Thursday evening and printed a first proof off my block. The only space I have at the moment is the kitchen, so lots of newspaper went onto the brand new worksurface! Also I've had this tin of proofing ink for 25 years and I wasn't sure how well it would print. Still, worth a try.
The greaseproof paper protecting the ink was very brittle and I had a job to get ink out of the tin that didn't have any bits of paper in it. It was very stiff to roll out too. Maybe it's time I threw it and got a fresh tin for the next time I print! Anyway, it at least sufficed to give me an idea of how the block was progressing.
I tried one print with a wooden spoon and several with a teaspoon. Not sure which is best, you can feel more with the teaspoon though. This was the best impression I managed. I over-inked for one print and lost the fine line work.
Looking at the proof I need to do some tidying up of the edges of the fur and lighten some patches up. I need to have time to sit and really look at it before I make any more cuts, apart from scorping away the rest of the background. What do you think?


Caroline B said...

Love it Sue - so cute and quirky!

natural attrill said...

I love it!

PG said...

I like it very much! I agree with you about tidying it up though, he doesn't stand out as much as he could, with the busyness of the cuts behind him. Fabulous, especially as you haven't done it for years!

Annie B said...

Hi Sue,
I don't know much about engraving (except that I love the word "scorper"), but I think you're almost there. Yes, maybe clean up the edges, emphasize some of the white areas of the fur a teeny bit more. His expression is so great and I can almost see his tail wagging.

Anonymous said...

Hi sue
I came here via baren.
Wow!!! your print is cool - fancy being able to do that after a 20 year break! And that wood?? It must have cost a bomb - I think I can see 5 joined pieces. Is it box?
My friend kate is a wood engraver and she buys blocks now from a guy called Chris Daunt - based up in the far north I think. He'll also sharpen tools if you need that doing - he's better than lawrence I think.
anyway It's just brill and I am in awe of you - keep scorping and spit-sticking!

Sue said...

Hi all, thanks for the comments and suggestions!
Caroline: That dog is a complete nutter!
Penny: Thanks!
PG: Yup, I think scorping out the background in this case is the way to go.
Annie b:Yes, aren't the names lovely? Scorpers and spitstickers and gravers...they all seem to have their own characters. Doggie's not far off, no. As you say, tidying, defining and lightening here and there.
Katherine:Yes, it's wood, either box or pear (the block came from my 20 odd year old stash, goodness knows how much it would cost now!)I've heard of Chris Daunt, I suspect I'll be ordering blocks from him at some point but I still have 3 blocks left to go at! Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

That doggie is a keeper ! I felt in love with engraving ever since "discovering" Fritz Eichenberg...welcome back to printmaking and welcome to Baren....Julio