Friday, April 20, 2007

First Proof

I set to Thursday evening and printed a first proof off my block. The only space I have at the moment is the kitchen, so lots of newspaper went onto the brand new worksurface! Also I've had this tin of proofing ink for 25 years and I wasn't sure how well it would print. Still, worth a try.
The greaseproof paper protecting the ink was very brittle and I had a job to get ink out of the tin that didn't have any bits of paper in it. It was very stiff to roll out too. Maybe it's time I threw it and got a fresh tin for the next time I print! Anyway, it at least sufficed to give me an idea of how the block was progressing.
I tried one print with a wooden spoon and several with a teaspoon. Not sure which is best, you can feel more with the teaspoon though. This was the best impression I managed. I over-inked for one print and lost the fine line work.
Looking at the proof I need to do some tidying up of the edges of the fur and lighten some patches up. I need to have time to sit and really look at it before I make any more cuts, apart from scorping away the rest of the background. What do you think?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Still chipping away...

Just a quick flash (ooer, missus!) to show you how far I've got. Not far off first proof time now, just got the rest of his undercarriage to do. I will probably lighten his muzzle a bit in the lower section as well.

I can't do anything to him for the next few days anyhow, we're off to Twickenham to watch the mighty Pirates steamroller to victory over the Exeter Chiefs at rugby in the EDF National Trophy. Arrrrr! And I'm taking the sketchpad. Watch out for streakers!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Progress continues...

Progress is being made. I'm wondering whether to leave him a 'base' to stand on, then I can play with another texture. Might be a bit much though. The composition is probably stronger as a cut out. I might try it to proof stage then if I don't like it I can cut it away.