Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Wood Engraving stuff!

Look what I found in the loft! My lovely old wood engraving tools! )There was an ink roller too, but it had melted!! ) Alas, I no longer have my table-top Albion press.

I've been looking at my old wood-engraving books and drooling over some of the latest work by engravers that are on the web. I've always loved the medium and treasure the memory of going to the annual Society of Wood Engravers' exhibition, with a little money to spend and wandering the exhibits wishing I could buy them all. I ended up choosing a Kenneth Lindley (Downland Monuments), which the artist despatched later with a lovely covering note which I still have. Later I bought a tiny Clare Leighton from a stall, but this turned out to be cut from a book, which was a shame.

That was all a long time ago, and I no longer have much money to spend on artworks. I'm still inspired by the latest engraved offerings that you can see on the web, though, Hilary Paynter being a particular favourite: .

I've begun preparing a block for my first engraving for 20 years, which is exciting. I've decided on a forgiving subject...our hairy case of wobbly lines ! I intend to post the various stages of production here, I have to get some paper for proofing at least...... and a new roller! And I suspect I'm REALLY going to regret selling the old press, but hey, I'll manage.

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