Sunday, March 25, 2007

The engraving begins!

This is the first wood engraving I've done in 20 years. It's taking a while to get used to the tools again; that's why I've been practising making marks on the bits of the block that are going to be white (ie, cut away). The rough scraper-boardy like drawing beside the block (and shown below) is a rough I did on the computer to get myself into 'white-line' mode again. It's proving very useful to guide my strokes. I also did a pencil rough and flipped it to see if there were any glaring errors.

Yesterday I ordered a new roller and some newsprint to proof on. Sadly I couldn't afford the durathene refill that would fit my roller frame, so I've compromised on getting a good quality student rubber roller from Lawrences. The durathene will wait till later.


natural attrill said...

This is fabulous Sue, really lovely illustration.
I thought I left a message on your last post, but it seems to have disappeared.

Sue said...

Thanks, Penny. I just hope the actual engraving turns out similar! Printing the thing will be fun, I'm currently investigating the possibility of using a steel rolling pin!

fhiona said...

that is fantasitc Sue-I love this image-what a cute little dog.

Meridth Gimbel said...

This is absolutely fabulous Sue...The illustration has a playfulness and yet is very graphic due to your usage of black and white strokes.

Well done.

Sue said...

I have to say I'm ever so pleased I did the sketch in the computer first. It's proving a great guide now I'm actually cutting the block; until I'm more experienced anyway.
Today my new roller arrived along with some newsprint for proofing!

Pepe said...

Your engraving doesn't look like a beginners. By the way I just sent you an e-mail. I noticed a reply on the printmakers group by Andy English, who is also a member of WEN.
Keep up the engraving.

PG said...

Hey, I just found this! I was looking on our other blog for your engraving progress. Duh! It all looks so exciting, and the doggy is lovely - I'd leave him as a cut out myself. I've got a print urge now, shame my studio is upside down.
So pleased that you've got back in the groove as it were. :)