Friday, March 30, 2007

Chipping away!

I've done some more to my engraving, as you can see. I wish I could do it during the day, but there's that pesky thing called 'work' to get done first. This is one of my old blocks that had been stored in a box in the attic. You can see a small split in the wood at the bottom, which I've cunningly avoided in the design. The swirly patterns at the top of the block were me limbering up with the tools before I started. That bit will be cut away ultimately. More soon!


Caroline B said...

Sue, I love it, it looks just like one of my dogs (the Battersea indeterminate terrier). Do show when you make prints of this - what do you plan to do with them when you do?
Caroline B.

Diane Cutter said...

A lovely piece... I'll enjoy watching the progress!

Sue said...

Caroline, Hee hee, I like the Battersea Indeterminate Terrier bit! I'll certainly show the final print. If I get on really well and it doesn't look too 'beginner-ish' I might do a very short edition, as I'll be printing only with a spoon back.

Diane, thanks for checking it out. I'll try and post progress regularly. :-)

muddy red shoes said...

fantastic sue! I am struggling through a palestine job and wanting to cry blood, isnt it dangerous doing "real" work like this, makes me want to jack all the boaring stuff that pays the bills in. He is lovely, do more dogs r u!