Tuesday, December 05, 2006

step 2......

Maybe you can't see very well, but I've dropped the line drawing onto a dark paint-bucketed background. Gives the 'oil' colours a bit more body as they pick up traces of the background colour as I paint.
My favourite oil brushes were best in Painter 5.5; 'loaded oils' and 'brushy', which don't work as well without tweaking in Painter 9's brush creator. I've had to almost remake them for the purpose as the existing Painter 9 oils weren't quite right for me.
So...hopefully tomorrow I'll start laying down a bit of colour. :-))

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muddy red shoes said...

love the design sue, I paint my oil paintings onto a black painted canvas, it makes the colours really zing! Off to do my card now, a bit of relaxation after a truly horrible 24 hrs re doing some SEN illos...nightmare!