Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas is coming.....aargh!

It's that time again and as ever I've been too busy to think about my yearly Christmas card design till it's almost too late. So last night I racked my brains for ideas on the same sort of theme as last years card, which went down very well. Here's the start of the result:
This is the black line stage. I shall drop it onto a coloured base then paint with oils, all in Painter of course. I shall be putting the various stages up here as I do them, for the interested. To see last year's card and other years go here to my other blog here.

I love doing snow scenes! This is a very personal card too; the surfers just coming out from a last Christmas Eve surf are hubby and son; that's me walking Charlie the Jack Russell and one of the cottages has a weathervane I designed and had made for hubby a couple of years ago. Note, even the seagulls have their stockings up!


Sean Carter said...

you have a lovely innovative blogs. they are sooothing to the eyes too. you are creativ e no wonder and really liked the outline of the card. you can check for more ideas from my blogs

Gordon Fraser said...

Looking good Sue! Can't wait to see the finished card!


natural attrill said...

Hi Sue, lovely drawing, I like it just like this, b+w, will be interesting to see how it changes when you add the colour. I like all the little details you have added, stockings etc.

Sue said...

Hah...good idea! I could send out the line version and invite people to colour it in! Sorted! :-)

Meridth Gimbel said...

This illustration is absolutly charming