Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Through the veedub window?

Our holiday this year involved many trips to the beach at Widemouth, Cornwall, my favourite beach. For the first time we were travelling in Boris, our elderly VW camper, which became our mobile beach hut and shelter from the wind and occasional rainy squall. This year I was determined to take my sketch equipment and actually USE it, as although I draw for a living I have to work in a tight, descriptive style for the most part and I've been feeling the need to loosen up a bit, at least for me if not my clients.
I started off trying to sketch the cliff scenery at Widemouth (pronounced widdmuth) Bay and soon ran into difficulties. It's been so long since I tried anything like this I'd lost my 'formula' for laying in the washes and getting the effect I wanted. My efforts were muddied and blurred. I was gutted. How could I not do this? My confidence plummeted. I sat morose in the van. Then I started to watch the people around me. Families loading up ready for the beach, teetering piles of chairs, bodyboards, buckets and spades, some people sitting quietly reading, some coming back from a swim damp, sandy and happy. And almost without thought I reached for my sketchbook. Here are the results......I'll post some every day so do return. I'll have a go at those wretched landscapes soon as well...I know they're inside me kicking the door down.

A distant figure carries his surfboard on his head. They're bloomin' heavy, too!

I was immediately attracted by this lady's lovely green swimming costume and matching green bodyboard.
This young man stood for ages at the clifftop watching the surfers below.

I loved the darkness of the silhouette against the bright stripes of the windbreak.

More tomorrow!


Fred said...

Lovely drawings! what watercolour kit do you take out and about with you?


Debbie said...

Great watercolour sketches Sue, particularly like the lady in the green swimming costume. You have a lovely loose feel to your work which I really like. You have without doubt got you 'formula' back.

Alison Ashwell said...

Lovely sketches - especially the lady in green

Sue said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments...I'm certainly going to carry on and see where it takes me stylistically. I wish landscapes came to me easier though.

Beach Bum said...

You sure it was a surfboard on his head? Any chance it might have been a surf ski or something that you'd paddle? sorry to hear about your Surfer Bob ... excellent blog btw.


Sue said...

Cheers, Beach Bum; I enjoyed your blog, too as did surfer hubby. We also have a biscuit box very similar to your tissue box...it plays bits of beach boys hits when you open the lid. Had it about 5 years now and we're still on the same set of batteries! Bought the thing from BHS one xmas...how weird is that?
I can't remember whether the surfboard on the guy's head was a longboard or a paddle thingy...I've drawn it with a bit too much rocker for a surfboard, though I have a feeling it was one of the lifeguards. Hey ho.