Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More seaside sketches

Please excuse my scanner...it's only an el-cheapo and not brilliant at translating light watercolour washes. Anyway, here is an old lady well wrapped up against the stiff onshore breeze, enjoying an ice cream.

This young lady confused me for a couple of days. She seemed to have an infinite wardrobe of clothes which she changed regularly during the day! She had at least 3 swimming costumes and lots of pretty surfy 'threads'. On the second day I saw her change her clothes in an impossibly quick time. Mentioned it to my son and he looked at me very patiently. 'She's triplets, Mum.' He said. ..............Doh! And so she was.


natural attrill said...

These are lovely little drawings, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, they are horribly observant these teenage kids of ours!
Like the pix sue.