Friday, July 28, 2006

Over the Road

I have been sketching...honest.....a's so hot here in the Scribbly Cottage studio. What with it being south-facing, the Mac pumping out heat and my hot flushes...Phew!

Anyway, here is Walter over the road, taking his two wheelie bins in, after the bin mens' weekly visitation. (We get 3 big bins in this area; one for general waste, one for recyclables and one for green compostable waste. Very eco-friendly, our council!

And here is a lady whose name eludes me, who walks past often. I think she may be expecting her third child, but don't quote me on that. We're plagued with teeny black thunder flies just now; they get everywhere. Inside picture frames, LCD computer screens...and scanner beds.

The summer holidays are imminent and we set off for the Cornish coast tonight. I'll be away for two weeks, so be good while I'm away and I'll show you all me sketches of the beach zeebs. Not strictly through THIS studio window maybe, but I shall do some sketching through the camper window, so that will become my temporary studio. Laters!

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natural attrill said...

I like the angle of the Walter drawing. enjoy your hols!