Monday, December 18, 2006


Well here it is at last! I was panicing slightly as I still had to print out the cards and send them. But today the last lot went so that's a relief. Happy Christmas to all!

Friday, December 15, 2006

More colour...(sheesh what a dull title!)

Well, I did some more last night and it's taking shape. Hopefully I'll have it finished tonight then I can get copies printed off and sent. The printer ink and card-with-envelopes arrived yesterday so that's a relief!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More colours...

Time is a-getting on and I'm hurriedly colouring in my card. Not in my usual meditative state when I'm doing it this time, as I'm concious of having to do it quickly before Christmas has been and gone.
Slight panic today as the printer is ink-less and I have no greetings card card to print on as my supplier hasn't delivered my order yet. Grrrr! Still, an email in my box today said they'd dispatched it all so here's hoping.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

colour's going on!

The sky's on.....I'm never too sure about my skies, until the other elements start taking form. Thank goodness for Painter's iterative save feature that allows me to save various stages of the work! I'm working on the snowy bits now....just deleted one lot and went back to the version you see above as it looked all wrong.
Wish I could work on this during the day, but I'm busy doing educational illustrations. Siiigggghhhhh.......................

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

step 2......

Maybe you can't see very well, but I've dropped the line drawing onto a dark paint-bucketed background. Gives the 'oil' colours a bit more body as they pick up traces of the background colour as I paint.
My favourite oil brushes were best in Painter 5.5; 'loaded oils' and 'brushy', which don't work as well without tweaking in Painter 9's brush creator. I've had to almost remake them for the purpose as the existing Painter 9 oils weren't quite right for me.
So...hopefully tomorrow I'll start laying down a bit of colour. :-))

Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas is coming.....aargh!

It's that time again and as ever I've been too busy to think about my yearly Christmas card design till it's almost too late. So last night I racked my brains for ideas on the same sort of theme as last years card, which went down very well. Here's the start of the result:
This is the black line stage. I shall drop it onto a coloured base then paint with oils, all in Painter of course. I shall be putting the various stages up here as I do them, for the interested. To see last year's card and other years go here to my other blog here.

I love doing snow scenes! This is a very personal card too; the surfers just coming out from a last Christmas Eve surf are hubby and son; that's me walking Charlie the Jack Russell and one of the cottages has a weathervane I designed and had made for hubby a couple of years ago. Note, even the seagulls have their stockings up!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More seaside sketches

Please excuse my's only an el-cheapo and not brilliant at translating light watercolour washes. Anyway, here is an old lady well wrapped up against the stiff onshore breeze, enjoying an ice cream.

This young lady confused me for a couple of days. She seemed to have an infinite wardrobe of clothes which she changed regularly during the day! She had at least 3 swimming costumes and lots of pretty surfy 'threads'. On the second day I saw her change her clothes in an impossibly quick time. Mentioned it to my son and he looked at me very patiently. 'She's triplets, Mum.' He said. ..............Doh! And so she was.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A grand day out

Another from my sketches of seaside people.......this was a lovely group, obviously all good friends. They had parked right at the top of the beach carpark with a distant view of the sea, and just set up their chairs right in front of their car and as far as I could tell, never moved until they left in the late afternoon.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The art bag

Just a quick P.S. for those who wondered what kit I take out with me:

Through the veedub window?

Our holiday this year involved many trips to the beach at Widemouth, Cornwall, my favourite beach. For the first time we were travelling in Boris, our elderly VW camper, which became our mobile beach hut and shelter from the wind and occasional rainy squall. This year I was determined to take my sketch equipment and actually USE it, as although I draw for a living I have to work in a tight, descriptive style for the most part and I've been feeling the need to loosen up a bit, at least for me if not my clients.
I started off trying to sketch the cliff scenery at Widemouth (pronounced widdmuth) Bay and soon ran into difficulties. It's been so long since I tried anything like this I'd lost my 'formula' for laying in the washes and getting the effect I wanted. My efforts were muddied and blurred. I was gutted. How could I not do this? My confidence plummeted. I sat morose in the van. Then I started to watch the people around me. Families loading up ready for the beach, teetering piles of chairs, bodyboards, buckets and spades, some people sitting quietly reading, some coming back from a swim damp, sandy and happy. And almost without thought I reached for my sketchbook. Here are the results......I'll post some every day so do return. I'll have a go at those wretched landscapes soon as well...I know they're inside me kicking the door down.

A distant figure carries his surfboard on his head. They're bloomin' heavy, too!

I was immediately attracted by this lady's lovely green swimming costume and matching green bodyboard.
This young man stood for ages at the clifftop watching the surfers below.

I loved the darkness of the silhouette against the bright stripes of the windbreak.

More tomorrow!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Over the Road

I have been sketching...honest.....a's so hot here in the Scribbly Cottage studio. What with it being south-facing, the Mac pumping out heat and my hot flushes...Phew!

Anyway, here is Walter over the road, taking his two wheelie bins in, after the bin mens' weekly visitation. (We get 3 big bins in this area; one for general waste, one for recyclables and one for green compostable waste. Very eco-friendly, our council!

And here is a lady whose name eludes me, who walks past often. I think she may be expecting her third child, but don't quote me on that. We're plagued with teeny black thunder flies just now; they get everywhere. Inside picture frames, LCD computer screens...and scanner beds.

The summer holidays are imminent and we set off for the Cornish coast tonight. I'll be away for two weeks, so be good while I'm away and I'll show you all me sketches of the beach zeebs. Not strictly through THIS studio window maybe, but I shall do some sketching through the camper window, so that will become my temporary studio. Laters!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Scribble the first!

So there I was this morning, quite early on, sitting at my computer in my studio, and contemplating another cup of coffee before starting work. When something outside caught my eye...........
Man carrying large green armchair on his head! Not something you see every day in our little village. I had to sketch him. And thus was born the inspiration for this blog. Although our village is tucked away, we still get a certain amount of foot and vehicular traffic past our cottage. The regular school run, the teen knuckle-scrapers, old ladies passing the time of day, people pulling over to read a map or make a phone call. They're all fair game now! I'll post new scribbles as often as possible.